SOILNETWORKS´ brings Supply Chain Management innovation from design to implementation and through the day to day execution. Adapting SOILNETWORKS´ design, implementation and execution processes; molding to the organizational evolution of your supply chains and its state of the art adaptable SOILNETWORKS platform.


SOILNETWORKS ´ cloud based extended network is fully adaptable, flexible and modular which allows to scale and un-scale in accordance to the dynamic challenges of each supply chain.

SOILNETWORKS, allows to integrate one to many, many to one and many to many and precisely MEASURES & CONNECTS to your unique On Hand Supply Value Chain. A single connection into the network provides full / partial integration across multiple companies’ ERP and execution systems.

SOILNETWORKS takes this multi-enterprise data and continuously syncs demand, supply, and logistics and capacities in near real time across all trading partners. Through its homogeneous integrated data base generates a single, integrated forecast for all sales channels (e.g. e-commerce, retail, etc…) at the SKU/ item/day level of detail.


SOILNETWORKS´ team will be adapting to the needs of each supply chain through the lifecycle of the solution, from design to implementation. Additionally, SOILNETWORKS will be parameterizing the control tower execution model to the needs of your company´s product.



SUPPLY CHAIN Innovation and evolution in the supply chain management implies that the organizational model evolves adequately as well. The following are the core elements where SOILNETWORKS´ will remain dynamic in growing and absorbing complexity throughout the global supply chain:

  • Transactional driven VS. Exception based management
  • Circumstantial Understanding VS. Fact based decisions (metrics, KPI and goals)
  • Reactive Vs. Proactive Management
  • Centralization VS. De-centralization
  • One size fits all VS. multi-tier Supply Chain Strategy / Supply Chain segmentation (i.e. built to stock AND built to order)
  • SILO (isolated) VS Linked to business objectives and organizational functions (Sales, finance, etc…)

SOILNETWORKS is designed to globally grow with your end to end supply chain needs in terms of:

  • Number and types of sales channels (omnichannel)
  • Geography, anywhere in the world.
  • Integration to / with / from different technologies
  • Number of partners
  • Users and profiles

In essence, its open modular design allows to scale and un-scale, centralize and decentralize in accordance to the needs of your demand, supply and logistics strategies of each of your supply chains.