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SOILNETWORKS´ brings true business value through a rationalized Supply Chain governance model: from design to implementation and the day to day execution. Furthermore, SOILNETWORKS allows for Real Time decision making through an Event Management model and its control tower functions.

There are four areas of added business value:

  • Cost Reduction:
    • Cost effective network and Extended Supply Chain Solution implementation
      • Shorter implementations lead times
      • Reduced cost (especially compared to complex ERP adaptations, etc…)
    • Logistic Costs Management
      • Supply Chain Segmentation: not all of your products require the same from your logistics value chain in terms of lead times, stock, and total landed cost.
      • Pricing grids
      • Auditing
      • Forecasting
      • Total landed cost analysis
    • Operating Expenses:
      • Staff costs reductions
        • In IT via hosted solutions, on demand cloud based applications and an extended B2B superior integration model
        • Supply Chain Management evolves from manual to automated, from transactional to exception management driven and from email intensive to automated messaging and reporting
      • 3rd party costs reductions
    • Inventory Carrying costs
    • Vendor negotiations
  • Improved Sales:
    • Increased Supply Chain predictability and order fulfillment via lead time management, routing grids, etc…
    • Supply Chain Orchestration: Client delivery starts upstream and
      SOILNETWORKS provides single view and respository of an order, end to end, linking supply with demand.
    • Integral Omni-Channel Management
    • Traceability for the end client
  • Improved Working Capital:
    • Inventory Management
    • Lead times:
      • Inventory in transit
      • Warehouse cycle times
    • Total working capital requirement analysis and planning
  • Risk / Compliance Management:
    • Green
      • Visibility into the emissions of your supply chain
      • Reduction of paper flows via automation
    • Analytics
      • Manage with data
      • KPIs
    • Supply Chain Predictability: Physical flow of goods
    • Exception handling through:
      • Event Management
      • Nonconformance resolution path
    • Compliance Management
    • Continuous Improvement

SOILNETWORKS is committed to bringing real business value through its collaborative, easy and adaptable supply chain governance, extended Supply Chain Network and Control Tower functions and solutions. SOILNETWORKS seeks true business value in improved sales, extensive costs reductions, freeing up working capital and increasing corporate governance in the management of a green supply chain, risks and compliance.