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Successful comprehensive Data Transformation enables optimal Supply Chain functional management


Under this scenario, the required data transmission among Supply Chain parties is often late and incomplete which negatively impacts best choice decision making.
This scenario requires time consuming activities for data checks, capture and review, having to assign costly resources to these tasks.Timely response on your management needs is in danger with possible impact to service.


Once you become a partner in the Network start benefiting from managing trustworthy data – accurate and on-time. SOILNETWORKS ´s CT functionality enables managing your supply chain at the minute. The basis of this critical change is data harmonization. Our service to you is based on this principle. In this scenario you start being ahead of the game.


Optimal data quality, through SOILNETWORKS superior monitoring capabilities and service, brings direct value to your organization (lower risks, cash-flow improvement, etc). At this stage data management is taken to an orchestrated level, allowing multi-segment & department parameterization for real proactive management so, where are you now and where do you want to be?


Seamlessly enables the integration of one to many, many to one or many to many for the whole, or part, of the end to end supply chain to functionally manage the supply chain execution via exception handling; as well as to allow optimization, design and planning.

  • Integration Engine
  • Security enabled
  • Quality of Data Control
  • Global
  • Multi-Modal
  • Immediate data transfer
  • Supports Multi-Standard EDI (EDIFACT – X.12 – XML, etc)
  • Supports Multi-Connectivity (FTP – OFTP – ISDN, AS2, etc) Approved for connection to all major ERP systems including SAP, Peoplesoft, Baan, JDE, etc..
  • Eliminating the intermediate steps in business that rely on paper-based instructions and documents by performing them electronically
  • Wanting to track & trace your goods via your very own ERP system or SOILNETWORKS Control Tower Platform
  • Manage daily millions of data transmissions
  • Shorter implementation lead times
  • Cost effective (implementation & execution)
  • Creating a link with your 3rd party LSPs